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When on the beach you need to make sure that your beachwear is the business. The white sand and palm-fringed beaches of your Winter Sun destination deserve only the best. If you’re looking for a collection [...]

It’s a Cover-Up!

Disguiser of one too many tubs of feta and sagging swimwear, not forgetting being kind to skin and stylishness the beach cover-up has become my best bud. If you haven’t had your sunny holidays yet or [...]

Review: Nikki Cooke swimwear

Nikki Cooke’s swimwear promises elegant designs for ‘real women.’ Being one such woman I was keen to try out Eliza, a beautiful, Fifties inspired swimsuit… If you want to do some serious swimwear drooling head over [...]

Time for Greek chic

It’s a scorching 35 degrees here in Greece and I’m suffering from the heat and a bad case of panda eyes. My wrap-around, Polarized glasses, a must-have when at sea, have not only left me looking [...]

How to get the best from online sales

Who needs to battle it out in the High Street mid-season sales when you can do it from the comfort of your home? Here are my tips for getting the best from the online sales… In [...]

Oh baby, what a bag

Take it from one who knows (x2) – a good changing bag needs to be more than just a bag. It has to withstand being delved into in emergency situations, keep everything in place and have [...]

What’s cool for kids at Igloo…

With half term, the festival season and ‘Summer’ just around the corner it’s time to give the kids’ wardrobe an update – well, that’s my excuse anyway! Igloo has rails (and pages) full of gorgeous, unique [...]

Last minute beauty buys

At the airport I had to make a few last minute/essential beauty purchases as lack of suitcase space had meant I had no creams, lotions or potions. Short of time and having to keep an eye [...]

Kids are on board with Crew clothing

Perhaps a cheery ‘ahoy’ and telling you how heartily I have ‘scrubbed the decks’ would be expected round about now but to be honest as soon as we got on board the boat all I wanted [...]

Wiggle it (just a little bit!)

I have been absent from the blog for a while due to moving house and planning our travels so excuse my lack of regular blogging. A few weeks ago we had a leaving party at our [...]

Join the ‘no frills’ gym

You don’t need me to tell you how important it is to work-out but for many people the cost of joining a gym is enough to send them slobbing back to the sofa munching a pack [...]

I’m a ‘Boob School’ graduate!

I’ve been to college and University but never Boob School. Yesterday the five of us (that’s me and my Quadraboob) went along to the Bravissimo, W1 to achieve better results with the perfect fitting bra… All [...]

Seeing things in black and white

I’m loving the monochrome/graphic look that is currently (back) in fashion. It’s retro, it’s cool and it’s certainly easy to achieve. Either grab some black and white from what you already have in your wardrobe, add [...]

Double Denim? Double thumbs up

It’s something I never imagined I’d be thinking, let alone wearing and sharing on my blog – yes folks, Double Demin is back. The look ‘championed’ by Jeremy Clarkson and B*Witched is now as hot as [...]

Just add a jacket

Want to transform your wardrobe with one easy and versatile piece of clothing? I think this season’s cropped jacket could be just the thing… A month or so ago at the Next Bloggers’ Fashion shoot I [...]