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The weekend that was – 17/18 Nov

This weekend we headed into town, went back in time to Victorian London, journeyed on a horse and cart and saw an elf vomiting into his hat… I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. How quickly [...]

Walk your way to happy families

Forget playing computer games and watching TV together – all that some kids want is for their parents to take them out for … a WALK! Yes, you read that correctly. A YouGov poll showed that [...]

We get experimental at The Science Museum

On Saturday we went to one of our favourite London haunts – The Science Museum in South Kensington, London. Any regulars here will know that for us no trip to the Museum is complete without a [...]

We’re Set4Sport – are you?

Saturday just gone we had the pleasure of meeting Judy Murray (Andy and Jamie’s Mum). She wanted to show us how playing with a few cushions, a piece of rope and some cereal packets could really [...]

PART 3: What’s cooking for campers/glampers

So I’ve told you where to go (in the nicest possible way), what to bring and today, the last in my 3 post camping/glamping special, I’m going to suggest some very quick and easy meals to [...]

PART 2: How to camp/glamp in style

My last post talked about our favourite places to camp/glamp in the South East of England. Now I thought I’d share with you some of the little extras that can take your camping experience to new [...]

PART 1: Carry on Glamping: family friendly sites

I am so excited that sunshine is on its way! That means it’s time to get outdoors and for us, to go camping. I know lots of families like the idea of camping but put it [...]

mummyratesit tries: Zumba

Do you know who I blame for making Zumba so popular? That Shakira. If those hips of hers had lied and been wobbling around I wouldn’t have dragged myself along to a class and found out [...]

Review: Wildwood Wildlife Park

It was a washout of a weekend but did that stop us from getting out and about? No siree! Armed (or should that be legged) with wellies, rain macs and the promise of a warm lunch [...]

Is obesity on the kids’ menu?

I read a story in the Daily Telegraph last week where chef Antonio Carluccio said restaurants should scrap kids’ menus. Not only that, he said that restaurants that offer the likes of fish fingers and chips [...]

Review: Mini Maestro Family Concert

Independent Review: I quite fancy the idea of having a musician in the family. In fact we (me and OH) have even gone so far as to learn the piano in the hope that it will [...]