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I am so excited that sunshine is on its way! That means it’s time to get outdoors and for us, to go camping. I know lots of families like the idea of camping but put it off as it seems like hard work. I’m here to tell you it’s not – it’s great fun. Whether you’re happy campers or groovy glampers there’s a site for you! Today’s camping special focuses on a few sites in the South East of England (East Sussex/Kent) that we love.

The Woodland Yurt
Woodland Yurt at Wowo, picture thanks to uniteddiversity @

Wowo, East Sussex – we’ve been to Wowo a couple of times and really enjoy it, however, we’re not the only ones! You have to be pretty organised to get in there as it gets booked up really quickly, especially around long weekends, school holidays etc. The site itself is pretty large with camping spread out over a couple of fields. You can not book which field to go in and so sites are taken on a first come first served basis. There is a very gentle and clean stream that runs through the site and the kids love wading around in it. With this in mind make sure you bring tons and tons of spare clothes – if the worst comes to the worst there are washing machines. There is woodland to walk through, tyre swings and a large field where you could, if you’re that way inclined, set up a game of rounders. They have fridges and freezers by reception that you can use to store your food and there is also a small shop (new so not used it) which sells local farm products including ice-cream. They also have WiFi – but please tell me we (even bloggers) can manage a few days camping without having to log-on! They also do free soup and story time sessions.
We have stayed here as a big group with two families who didn’t have their own tents. They have hired the yurts which means we all got to camp in the Tipi Trail (which is very leafy and provides good cover from rain showers).
It has become tradition for us to visit a pub for Sunday lunch after having packed up. When staying at Wowo we have visited The Griffin in Fletching which has possibly the best beer garden in the whole of the UK with a big space for kids to run around and the most amazing and unspoilt view over the countryside. It also does a wonderful (read pricey) BBQ. Quite a treat.

PART 2: How to camp/glamp in style
PART 3: What’s cooking for campers/glampers

Glamping it at Clippenham camping - camping post on
As I said above to book Wowo you do need to be organised, so last year when I didn’t get my act together we had to find alternative arrangements. I found the Clippenham Camping site online and saw

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that it had bell tents for those non-tent-owning pals of ours. It looks OK online but Clippenham, East Sussex is actually more than OK it’s bloomin brilliant. We had a whole field to ourselves, two beautiful bell tents, our own eating area, portaloos and kitchen. It meant we didn’t have to unpack all the cooking equipment as everything was set up ready for us. Obviously if you’re not paying out for a bell tent you won’t be getting these extras. The main camping field was nice and spacious and like Wowo it’s surrounded by woodland which provided lovely walks. The owners arranged a treasure hunt on the Sunday morning and the kids absolutely loved it. We’ve arranged to go back there this year.
The Sunday lunch was taken in nearby pub The Merrie Harriers that had a lovely big beer garden. Strangely enough we had no trouble fitting in – as soon as our gang arrived the pub emptied out. Funny that!

Hidden Spring Vineyard, East Sussex – can you guess what enticed me to this campsite? Yes, it’s on a vineyard! This site is absolutely gorgeous dotted with orchards, a few farm animals and a little site shop selling amongst other things – wine! There are two fields, one for campervans/caravans and then across the path another for tents and this includes some very nice yurts. We have been camping here a couple of times, about four times on our own and have had a lovely time. The kids can run off and play safely and there’s a small, rope swing in the tree that they all assemble around. The toilet block and shower facilities are very clean and pretty similar to being at home. There is a local farm shop selling meat and essentials. It is also really close to the Cuckoo trail which means you can cycle your way along the disused railway line – it’s perfect for families. I ran along it a few times when I was training for the New York Marathon and it was beautiful – a welcome distraction to running. Much like Wowo this site gets booked out quickly, so you need to get organised.

Dunn Street Farm, Kent: As the name suggests this campsite is on a farm – great for kids. It is back to basics camping which is lovely. We went a few years ago when Ferne was a baby and we really enjoyed ourselves (we had fab weather). There were loads of kids running around and no set pitches which meant you just picked where you fancied. The owners were very friendly. No shop so you need to come with everything or get in the car and stock up. Good toilets and showers and a kitchen with fridge, freezer and kettle.

More to come this week: camping/glamping kit, camping recipes


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  1. Have just spent ages catching up on your blog – I do love it – so cheerful! You have made camping / glamping sound possible – friends have been trying to persuade me for years. Love the reviews and was thinking about Zumba when I’m better (been out of action a while) and I especially love your 5 min things! X

    • Hello – I’m glad you’ve found me ‘cheerful’ that in turn makes me feel cheerful! Sorry to hear you’ve not been well and not able to Zumba. I expect to read all about it when you’re up and running again. I have been so rubbish at catching up with other bloggers mainly because I had the world’s worst computer but now I’ve got a shiny, new and importantly speedy one (well, one that doesn’t need to be wound-up!) so i’ll be nipping over.
      Lots of love xxx

  2. Very nice blog – Wowo was one of the first places I took my then 4 yo – now 10 yo camping. The Cragg family are very cool campsite owners – Alice in particular.

    It had major affect in inspiring me to get into the camping/glamping game, so to speak. If you ever get a chance to check out our campsites we\’d love to see you – one is around the corner from Wowo- Wild Boar Wood Campsite and the other Beech Estate Woodland Campsite is near Battle.
    x Hugh

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