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Health & Fitness — 11 September 2012

It’s Day 2 of Blogging Buddies and I’m already feeling so much better. Why? Well, I’ve implemented a few small changes to my lifestyle and I already feel more in ‘control’.

You’re probably wondering what I’ve done that has made such a difference in just one day? Well, there are a few things. Firstly, I’ve got a few buddies to keep me motivated as I try to lose some weight and get things done. If they are going to help me then I’ve got to put on a good show and be able to help them. I feel responsible and answerable to and it is a good feeling. Reaching a goal with buddies makes it easier and more fun.

Secondly, I have started a 7 day menu plan by Slimming World. I have a few old Slimming World magazines in our kitchen that my Mum had passed on to me and they each have a 7-day plan. I’m already ofay with some of recipes as I use them every now and then for dinner (but then go and undo all the good work by eating a whopping great big bar of Galaxy!)

I know that sticking to a plan isn’t going to be easy as you have to be organised in the shopping department to get that sussed (more of that tomorrow). Personally, I tend to be quite spontaneous in the cooking department, snucking my head inside the fridge and grabbing what comes to hand (I’d be great on Ready, Steady, Cook!) Having a menu in front of me yesterday made me realise how stuck in a food rut I am. A toasted banana sandwich? For breakfast? Well, I’d never considered it but now I’m thinking of starting a campaign to promote the yellow lovely – it’s been overlooked for too long by those cheesey/tomato/brushcetta types (Fyffes my contact details are on the site!) Bananas aside, variety is the spice of life and putting something different on your plate makes eating it (and trying to get others to eat it) more enjoyable.

(For those of you who are tempted to join us, you can get a Slimming World 7 day menu off the site. I suggest that the official starting day is tomorrow and if you want to go the whole hog there is also a weigh-in Wednesday section on our Facebook group where you can input your amazing weight loss next week!)

Lastly, I’ve started exercising again. I’ve always loved to exercise. I even trained as a Personal Trainer at one point before kids but I’ve been slacking off a bit of late. Yesterday I went back to Zumba and today I power-walked with hand weights (I’m so tough, me) for half an hour. Let me tell you it’s not an easy course because Crystal Palace is pretty hilly and straight out the school gates you have to go up a whopping great hill.

Michelle Hannell of trying Power Walking for blogging buddies
The sun was out and I felt good but it was when I passed the school mums who started cheering out ‘Go Team GB’ that I really began to enjoy myself. As soon as I got home I got stuck into a SW breakfast of toast, eggs and baked beans and here I am. Even better though, it’s not just me who has got active. I’ve just learnt that one of the Blogging Buddies is looking into pregnancy yoga classes whilst another has been out jogging with her buggy. Brilliant!

Don’t forget if you need a bit of a push why not join us Blogging Buddies? If you want to write a post and add it to our linky, please do. If you want to tweet us, go for it, (use the #bloggingbuddies hashtag so we can find your messages) or if you want to chat and make some buddies we have a very small but friendly Facebook page pop on over and say ‘hi’.

PS: Tomorrow I’m going to share my new Time-Saving online shopping success!


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  1. UGH, i really really need to get my bum in shape and start to work out again. Baby girl is 12 weeks now and tbh i’m starting to get to the point where I can’t say ‘i’ve just had a baby’ anymore, as it was 3 months ago now! My plan is to pop on some music for 30 mins and have a dance around, that counts right?!

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