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Health & Fitness Just for YOU — 19 September 2012

Last week saw the beginning of our #bloggingbuddies adventure. A few Mums and I decided that by supporting each other we might just be able to shift some weight and speed up our lifestyle at the same time. Here’s my first update as to how it’s been going…

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For me coming home from holiday and finding out that I’d put on 9lbs was a big enough kick up the bum to start a diet. However, I know from experience that I often get side-tracked, distracted and frankly, easily led astray. Come the evening I turn into a Zombie and if a packet of biscuits or a jumbo bar of Galaxy are put in front of me I could chow and chow without really even noticing and sometimes without even enjoying it.

By teaming up with some other Bloggers their daily messages, recipe and tip swapping has helped me stick to the straight and even (well, there was a slight diversion at a kids’ party on Saturday). The good news is that using a 7 day menu from Slimming World I am able to report that I lost 3lbs this week. Woop woop. Go ahead, high five me.

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As well as watching what I’m eating I’ve also got stuck into exercising. I don’t do things half heartedly me. I’ve been back to Zumba, power-walked, puffed and grunted (yes, really) my way through a Kettle Bells class and even tried out a new one – Piloxing (I’ll be writing about it soon). The result is that I feel so much better physically and mentally.

Elsewhere, other Blogging Buddies are trying their best. One blogger has posted up a weekly menu planner. If you buy ahead and know what you’re cooking it makes it less tempting to stick your head in the deep freeze and pluck out burgers. Another blogger has been trying to fit in exercising with a young baby. The result was that she’s finding it difficult. Over on our Blogging Buddies facebook page I’ve suggested that she look out for Power Pramming classes (or similar name). I used to do them and found they’re a great way to exercise, give baby some fresh air and meet up with other mums. Perhaps you’ve tried it?

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The start of something beautiful

Other bloggers are finding it difficult to watch what they’re eating because of family birthdays or worse, family staying. Having guests is always tricky when you’re trying to cut down on naugthy treats. Obviously because you’re you’re a wonderful, Nigella-esque hostess, you can’t help but want to make them Rocky Road and catch up on all the gossip over a glass or five of wine. I guess we need to find healthier ways to have fun with food and drink? Anyone know any tasty, yummy recipes that don’t actually pile on the pounds? Have you blogged about indulgent tasting puds that don’t make the scales collapse? Whilst I don’t have any recipes to share I do find that mixing wine with soda makes it last longer. Also, if you’re like me and have sensitive teeth having a drink filled with lots of ice makes you sip it really slowly.

Have you got a weight-loss story/post/tip that you’d like to share? Please just pop it on the linky below. If you’d like to join us on the Facebook page please do pop on over – we’re friendly, chatty and a bit silly really.

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: 26 Sept, 8pm – Blogging Buddies Twitter party hosted by a fitness and nutrition/weight gurus. Please join in using the #bloggingbuddies hashtag. Alternatively tweet @mummyratesit your questions and I’ll get them answered for you.

PS: On Friday I’m sticking up a cracking Guest Post: Getting Smart to Weightloss. Don’t miss it.


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  1. Glad to see this is going from strength to strength. Sorry I haven’t had chance to join in yet but probably should sort out my time management! X

    • Thanks Anya and don’t worry you’re not the only one. I’m now trying to ‘speed blog’ so I actually do something else other than sit with the computer all day. Our house is slowly turning into a tip around me and it’s even getting to me (a very untidy being). Thanks for including me in the the meme. I thought I’d whizz that one out quickly but I’m actually finding it quite tough! x

  2. unqiue content thank you

    weight loss plan for one week !

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