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Health & Fitness — 12 September 2012

It’s Day 3 of Blogging Buddies and as you know there seem to be a couple of areas in our lives that the majority of us buddies want help and encouragement to improve. Namely: weight loss, healthy eating and improving our time-management. Imagine my excitement then when the other day I stumbled on a way of improving all three in just one hit…

Michelle Hannell, on blogging buddies reviewing mysupermarket

Why is it that no sooner have you got home from dropping the kids off at school than it’s time to pick them up again? I often get to the end of the day and feel like I’ve achieved exactly nothing because, quite frankly, I have! My lack of time management and my desire to spend all day blogging and nosing around on social media mean that I rarely get round to catching up on housework, food shopping, chasing up bills and phone calls.

What this means is that I then have to do all the things I should have done when the kids were at school when they get home. I end up half-cooking with half an ear on helping them with their homework or dragging some poor unsuspecting child around the supermarket whilst the other is at ballet or Beavers or whatever club it is that they ‘love’ that week.

Blogging Buddies on bloggers united

Now for ages I’ve tried to get myself motivated and organised enough to plan my weekly meals, input them into a website, press enter and wait for a nice man wearing checked Polyester to ring my doorbell. However, I’ve always stumbled at the first block of finding a source for my list. I’m so rubbish I admit I even asked a meal-planning blogger if it was possible to transfer her own shopping list to my own online supermarket trolley. It was a no.

Knowing that I was about to start Blogging Buddies and that I was going to need to encourage and motivate other people in order to expect them to do the same for me was just the push I needed. I got my wobbly derriere in action and found an old issue of Slimming World magazine that came with a meal planner and the entire list of shopping required for an entire week. Result.

Now all I needed to do was to input the list into an online supermarket store along with all the other bits and bobs that I needed but which one? Do you know what I did? I googled ‘which online supermarket is the cheapest’ and it came up with a price comparison website called mySupermarket.

I watched a quick clip of how to use it (it explains it a lot better than my waffle) and I was away. You select a supermarket to shop from (you’re still within the mysupermarket site) and as you click away you are shown what the total is in all the different supermarkets. If you’re shopping in one store but see that your shopping is cheaper in another you can just transfer your list over to that store.

review of mysupermarket on by Michelle Hannell

There’s also the nifty SWAP & SAVE option that suggests swapping for similar cheaper products. You can also see 3 for the price of 2s, BOGOFs (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – BOGOF is perhaps the best acronym ever) and redeemable voucher codes. Oh, and don’t get me started on the cute little pig that sits at the bottom of the page and announces when you’ve made a saving by making?? a very satisfactory ‘KERCHING’ noise.

Let me tell you, it was a mammoth shop. It went to over £200 but that included all the big things like a gazillion dishwasher tabs, 500 toilet rolls and enough baked beans to fill a bath. Amazingly in this instance the site told me that I had saved over £23 by shopping at ASDA, I was then whizzed over to ASDA’s site to sign up, book a delivery slot (I know what you’re thinking, yes, the delivery did cost me £5 but that’s still £18 cheaper than if I had done it by wheeling a trolley around myself with a moaning child dragging at my heels) and pay.

I felt pretty smug I must say. Not only had I done a mahusive shop but the list was saved at mysupermarket which means in one month time (I intend to do a smaller list without the big, bulky buys for weeks 3 and 4) I can just press enter again and hey presto!

So, in short, I spent time (2 hours) inputting the list but have saved time and money in the long run. What do you think? Pretty nifty, eh?

As always I’d love to hear from you. Please let me know your time-management tips by adding comment or a post on the linky below. Also feel free to post your tips over on our Facebook page.

Coming soon: Guest posts: How to find time to blog and time-management for Mums.


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  1. I do all my shopping on line with tesco.I have bought a delivery saver for £30 that lasts for three months so I can have unlimited deliveries within this time :) they also have a menu planning area and you can plan your meals and get the food you need straight into your shopping basket, then atraight to your door! simples :) x x

  2. Now that’s interesting – this must be a new gizmo as I’m sure I looked into this kind of thing. If it all goes straight into your basket that’s also fab.
    Another great time-saver from a Blogging Buddy! Thanks Sinead. xx

  3. Oh if only they did food delivery here!! Awesome idea.

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