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Health & Fitness Uncategorized — 14 September 2012

Today I have the first in a series of Blogging Buddies’ Guest Posts – from time-management and exercise to nutritional tips – keep popping back for some great advice from the people who know best – the experts! First up is Nadine Hill, known to some as blogger Juggle Mum, others as @Businessmum and also (and very importantly) as good old ‘Mum’. As well as juggling family life Nadine runs a small business and is author (a best-selling one no less) of business and time management books. In her post Nadine suggests how using mindfulness in our day to day lives can help us get through those countless tasks just that little bit quicker…

As mums you can bet there are many more things to do in any day than there is time to actually do it, so we have to learn to prioritise,
says Nadine Hill

Nadine Hill, author of I Don't Have Time To Write - Time Taming Tips for Writers, Bloggers & Infopreneurs

Nadine Hill

Being a good mum and running a busy home usually involves us at the centre, getting things done – up before everyone else, last to rest and never a dull moment in between! But in order to be at our very best and actually enjoy the ordinary in every day, we have to learn to prioritise and know what tasks to ignore. Because the very thing that often drives us mad; routine, repetitive tasks, the ‘little things’, are also the things that make up the fabric of our lives – the things that we’d miss if they were taken from us.

Mindfulness is a useful skill to develop in your everyday life. Really concentrating on one thing whilst we are doing it so that we can get through our task list faster helps you to stay in control of a busy schedule. I use mindfulness when preparing a meal; focusing on one thing at a time, methodically doing each activity, putting each utensil or packet away after is has been used, tidying the kitchen as I go. This is how I create calm in my day through a task that I don’t really like.

Re-frame your thinking to bring in the harmony. Homes with children don’t have to be chaotic, be the calm you want to see and the family will follow your lead.

Adjusting your mind script is a great place to start when you feel overwhelmed, but for some practical tips to squeeze some ‘me time’ into your day, see if you can use or adapt any of the top ten below!

1. Batch tasks. Do you find yourself going over the same ground twice in the course of your week? Observe the patterns of your day and notice where you are duplicating, then batch up your jobs so that you complete more at one time.

2. Buy bulk. If you have the storage space and the money, buying your regularly used items in bulk means that you will always have what you need to hand (no last minute shopping trips) and you will save money as it is cheaper too!

3. Actually do the school RUN! When you are taking the kids to school, leave the car at home and run to school. Older children can ride alongside you on their bike or scooter and little ones can enjoy a faster pushchair ride! You have to go to school anyway so why not get fit and cross exercise off your to do list at the same time?

4. Stock your car for any eventuality. On the days when you are in the car running kids around, have a stock in the boot of drinks and snacks and some spare kids clothing, so you can take them from school to dance class or football without having to call at a fast food place because they are hungry! This means less temptation for you too!

5. Organise. Get yourself a handy diary to write in all your appointments and things to remember so you feel in control and never forget what you are meant to be doing.

6. Use chores as a way to have fun. Tackling the ironing is when I also catch up on the recorded programmes on TV that I’ve squirrelled away for an hour’s worth of indulgence. It makes the job less of a chore too.

7. Clean as you go. Rather than having to find a block of time each week to clean the home, do a little bit each day to keep on top of it without sacrificing a Saturday morning!

8. Set up systems. Having two laundry bins so the whites and darks can be sorted as they are put in will help save time and make it easier to see when a load needs doing!

9. Use the alarm on your phone to help you plan your time. If you decide how long it will take to complete a certain task, set the alarm then you will have to get it done before the alarm sounds. This will help you focus.

10. Define your goals. Spend a quiet evening planning your own goals after the kids are in bed to make sure that you are moving towards where you want to be in your life and not just coasting along. Having children teaches us how fast the time goes and you don’t want to get to the end of your life and still need more time to finish!

Words:Nadine Hill.

About the Author:
Nadine Hill is a busy mum (“Is there any other kind?!”) who has a fascination with time management which borders on the obsessive! She loves to find more effective ways of doing the daily juggle whilst enjoying the journey and has lots of practise through raising her two children, managing her home, running a small business, writing books (one was an Amazon best-seller!), and creating articles for magazines and websites whilst finding time to get to the gym! Nadine’s ambition is to shift the last two stone in her six stone weight loss journey then write a book about the mind-set behind it because she believes that any weight loss starts in the head and not the body.
You can follow her story on the blog JuggleMum or catch her micro blogs on Twitter where she is @Businessmum. Nadine’s latest book is on sale at Amazon now and is called “I Don’t Have Time To Write – Time Taming Tips for Writers, Bloggers & Infopreneurs “>I Don’t Have Time To Write; Time Taming Tips for Writers, Bloggers, & Infopreneurs”

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  1. A brilliant guest post. I don’t cope we’ll surrounded by chaos and disorder so time management and organization is essential. Some great tips from Nadine.

    • Thanks so much farfromhomemama!
      I’m glad the tips were useful!

    • I have been trying to be more Mindful in everything I do. At Zumba I really got in the zone – I thought ‘if I’m here then give yourself over 100%’. Hopefully it’ll work later when I start the MASS CLEAR OUT! x

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