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I’ve had a pair of trousers lurking in my wardrobe for a few weeks now. I love them but to be honest I was a bit ‘scared’ to put them on for fear of stopping traffic (for all the wrong reasons). Would people think I’d forgotten to take off my pyjamas and would I look like an extra in Wham’s Club Tropicana video? Meet my jazzy pants…

Mary Katrantzou strip valley silk trousers

Much-coveted: Mary Katrantzou's Strip Valley Silk Trouser

The ‘printed trouser’ is inspired by Mary Katrantzou’s use of colour and pattern. Her trousers (left) are gorgeous, however, they cost a whopping £1035, so if like me they are slightly (ahem) out of your budget then look to the high street. The good news is that since Katrantzou-mania (Topshop’s collaboration was an immediate sell-out) copy-cats have sprung up pretty much everywhere. From the very loud and proud (Zara has some dazzling examples) to more muted tones (both the ones I’m wearing and the blue/green numbers are both from Vero Moda) there’s a pair of jazzy pants for all tastes/levels of bravery.

Most styles seem to be photographed with the model wearing heels, however, for day-time and on holiday I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them with pair of flats (as shown in the Clements Ribeiro for Evans picture).

Road-testing my ‘jazzys’ in Turkey (yes, I was so chicken I had to take them to another country) I did get a bit of feedback. Well two comments to be precise. Lurking in the bathroom my husband found me and commented immediately: ‘Oooh very nice. A bit louder than usual but they look great’. Then whilst cycling a truck driver yelled something out. I admit it could well have been ‘you’ve left your jammies on love’ but seeing as I don’t understand Turkish and he was doing a tiger impression with his hands curled up like a claw I am taking that as another positive.

Collection of jazzy prints as reviewed by Michelle from

Here’s my pick of the high street’s best jazzy pants. Go on, if you’re feeling brave why not join me, George and Andrew for a Tropicana summer.

1. Strip Valley Silk Trouser, Mary Katrantzou £1035
2. Michelle wearing Vero Moda Ikat print trousers, £25
3. Pansy Print trousers by Clements Ribeiro at Evans, £45

4. Printed trouser by Zara £39.99
5. Cropped floral trouser by Asos £45

6. Monsoon Ikat print trouser £45
7. California Pant,Vero Moda, £50


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  1. You look great. Paired with a simple vest and sandals, print is brill.

    • Thanks! I’m still not sure that i’m ready for the school run in them yet. Mind you the weather is so pants they may not come out til Summer holidays anyway! Hope you had a great Easter back home. x

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