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Homepage Slider Parenting — 11 December 2012

I know I’m getting on a bit because I’ve started saying (in a grumbly tone): ‘I can remember when’ and ‘how times have changed’. One such instance was the other day when I was looking into buying baby equipment – not for me, I hasten to add.

Tiny love play mat from Bambino Direct

A friend of ours is expecting and even though this one isn’t her first she still wants to buy new bits and bobs – and we’d like to buy them something too.

I was pointed in the direction of Bambino Direct, an independent stockist of major baby brands and all at low prices. My first thought was how much easier it is these days for a person with a bump the size of a mountain to get all that clobber delivered straight to the door. Online shopping was around but those days we didn’t use it half as much as we do now. In fact I can still remember driving to Mothercare (hands barely touching the steering wheel) and waddling around mattresses, moses baskets and (eek!) breast pads.

Izziwotnot White Moses basket, Bambino Direct

Back to Bambino Direct. If you’re worried that shopping online isn’t as good as being up close to the product in person you’ll be pleased to know that most products on the site are given a customer rating and reviews are positively encouraged. If, however, you really are the ‘touchy feely’ sort and you happen to be anywhere near Huddersfield you can waddle your way over to the Bambino Direct showroom.

If you fancy purchasing a Bambino Direct moses basket they stock all the big names and have a massive range. If I was to do it all again (now this really is gratuitous window-shopping at its best) I’d go for something like this super cute Izziwotnot White Gift Wicker Moses Basket which is currently on offer at £62.95. Yes, it’s white and pristine – as a window shopper I can afford to forget all those leaky nappies!

When that little one gets bigger you’ll need to get a cot or, as we did, a cot bed. Going for the cot bed was a really good move on our part. Actually both of our kids are still in them but they would be due an upgrade about now to one of those fancy double bunk/home office affairs. However, we’re off travelling next Spring so they’ll just have to stick with what they’ve got. Shame really as I’m pretty taken with the super cool campervan style bed. Just so you know, there are currently offers for Nursery Furniture on the site including some with a free mattress offer. Bargain!

Campervan bed by Bambino Direct
Anyway, back to present buying for her. Not me. Repeat. Not for me. I think I’m going to get ‘The Bump’ something that we found invaluable – a play mat. I can remember every inch of our Tiny one. It was a 80x80cm piece of a magic: the mirror, the squeaky bird and the dangly bits. Hours of fun for the bubbas which gave me the opportunity to rub in some much-needed stretch mark cream!


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