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Oh I do love a new gizmo and this week it comes in the shape of mySupermarket’s Companion App. Saving you time and money – this little App is so useful it should come with a halo!

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Anything that saves me time and money is a saving grace. That’s why I like to think of the Companion App as a little angel. However, rather than one that sits on my shoulder telling me how good I’ve been for choosing low-cal drinking chocolate over a mahusive family-sized double-chip-choccy bar, this one sits at the bottom of my screen and magically pops up each time there’s a saving to be made.

I’ve told you before how I managed to save just over £23 by using mySupermarket’s price comparison site. Well, this is pretty much the same except this App just comes and sits itself on the site you already use. All you need to do is quickly download it and then carry on as normal.

The Companion App doesn’t flash all over your screen, shout at you or tell everyone on Facebook you’ve saved 24p on five cans of beans. Instead, it pops up on the side of your screen (on Tesco, Sainbury’s, Asda, Waitrose or Ocado sites) and shows you where you can make savings or use vouchers or offers. Just fiddling about looking at kids’ cereals – I can never believe how many boxes we demolish each week – I saw that I could save £1.19 on a box of Shreddies by buying online at ASDA . When you start seeing savings like that it makes you wonder where else you can save a few pennies…
Where I found savings using MySupermarket Companion App

So next time when you’re shopping online, why not download your own little angel?


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