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In just two days time I will be skipping down the road to Crystal Palace train station – I may get some funny looks but do I give a hoot? Nope. Tickets firmly in paw, suitcase wobbling behind me and a map of Birmingham tucked under my pitt. Why? I’m off to BlogCamp UK – my first big girl’s blogging conference and only my second ‘outing’ in public as a blogger.

Yes, I am excited to be attending BlogCamp UK (I’m making it a weekend away so am going up on Friday) but I’m also a teeny bit nervous about being one of the ‘new girls’. There are, after all, over 100 bloggers attending and I know a whopping great 2 of them (and I only know them in a semi-stalking kind of way). So I thought it would be great to play Cilla and introduce some other newbie bloggers attending BlogCampUK to each other and to anyone else who cares. Perhaps we can give each other moral support and perhaps you more experienced bloggers will look out for us and hold our hands when all that is left are cake crumbs?

Newbie mummy bloggers attending blogcampUK - picture by

Without further ado, let me introduce myself and the fellow newbies – take a look at their mugshots here (top l-r: Erica, Laura, Kylie bottom l-r: Amanda, Sinead and Me (Michelle) and then read about their blogs below – apologies to those not pictured.

Name: Michelle
I blog at:
I should really be called Niche-less Miche. Why? Currently my blog is a ‘bit of this and a bit of that’. As the name ‘mummyratesit’ implies I do indeed write reviews – toys/kids products (for Primary School age kids) and I write quite random things about parenting too AND I have a Just for YOU page (fashion, beauty, lifestyle stuff) for Mums. Fingers in many pies? Yes. That’s me. I’ll make sure I’m pie-less for BlogCamp though.

Name: Laura
Blogs at: chezmummy
Laura works in PR, struggles to keep her house tidy and is a mum of two (please note this is not how Laura ordered her duties), oh and she’s also a serial vlogger. The clever lady has made it to the BiB shortlist for Video and Fresh Voice. On her about page (sorry guys, no indepth Panorama-style interviews going on here) she says her blog is her way to “share her thoughts and experiences about being a parent and the joys and frustrations that go hand-in-hand with the job.”

Name: Sinead
Blogs at:
If there is a Karaoke session at BlogCamp we know who to turn to. Sinead, working Mummy of two children, has a lovely spotty and dotty background to her blog which is perhaps a Freudian-nod to her all-over-the-place punctuality. Ok Sinead, lets make this interesting – if you turn up late for BlogCamp you have to sing us a rendition of Cher’s ‘If I could Turn Back Time’. No pressure or anything.

Name: Erica
Blogs at:
Erica is Mum to school age kids, hence her blog name reflects school hours. So, when she’s not doing the school run Erica writes this blog as well as being a regular contributor to three other blogs (ooh, look at her!) Erica’s latest blog is about inspiring children to love art. Why not her ask about it over a cuppa at BlogCamp UK?

Name: Angela
Blogs at:
Angela loves her food, in fact she loves it so much that she blogs about it quite a lot. Don’t try to pigeon hole her as to what food she likes, according to her intro page it’s something along the lines of food from Holland (plus Indonesian food from Holland), Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore (plus Malaysian food). She doesn’t mention biscuits but i’m sure we’ll spot her munching a few at BlogCamp. She also writes about her lovely family, including her two children Abby and Clayton.

Name: Kylie
Blogs at:
You may recognise Kylie – she’s been on the telly! She started her Not Even A Bag of Sugar blog when her son, Joseph, was born prematurely at 27 weeks gestation and has spoken about her experiences on TV and in other media. She’s not really a ‘newbie’ as her blog has been around since 2010, however, she helped me in a crisis when trying to find other newbies so that’s good enough for me.

Name: Mystery Identity – I shall name her ‘Anonymum’
Blogs at:
You’ll never guess how many boys Mum of Three Boys has? Yup, she’s a very happy mummy blogger with a background in fashion. She was spurred on to start blogging after listening to blogger: A boy with Aspergers speak at an event. Let’s hope BlogCamp is just as influential!

Name: Amanda
Blogs at:
You’ll either hear Amanda before she reaches BlogCamp (she’s coming up with a train load of bloggers from Nottingham) or you’ll notice her as she could well be wearing whiskers and 3D specs. Amanda’s blog is all about her family, herself, two girls and a very Tall Dad – she writes reviews, praises her husband and even Pins – is there nothing she can’t do? Possibly get to BlogCamp. Reading her About page it seems she needs a little help with her left and rights (or is that just me being thick – possibly so and if so apologies – you point me in the right direction!)

So, please look out for us at BlogCamp, come and say hello and offer us some help cake.

See you there!


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  1. Thank you for including me! Can’t wait to meet everyone there :) I love your intros! xxx

    • No problemo Angela – it’s a pleasure. Are you bringing any food? Your blog makes me hungry! x

  2. What a great post!! : ) I am aiming to be on time, if I am late it will be the trains fault (honest it will!) can’t wait to meet you all! x

    • Now Sinead, we don’t accept these types of excuses – trains being late? Whoever’s heard of something so ridiculous! I will bring the Cher backing track just in case… tee hee.
      Really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. You know what will happen, I’m only staying round the corner and I’ll probably oversleep (making the most of the peace) and be late myself!! Michelle x

  3. Thank you for including me. This made me giggle so much, great intro to everyone :)
    Now which way was it to Blog camp ;)

  4. Thanks for including me. It was great to meet everyone. I managed to speak with everyone pictured so that was good.

  5. Hope BlogCamp was fun – gutted I couldn’t make it.
    Any of you lot attending BritMums Live in June? xx

    • Yes MyFunnyMummy it was fab and great to meet everyone. There were official notetakers there so we could eat cake, sorry, listen. If you don’t find them or you do and they don’t make any sense (highly likely with the SEO one – whoosh over my head) I can try to help. I say try. x

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