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Last weekend we were treated to an exclusive screening of Winx Club, the latest instalment from the six fashion-forward fairies who grace the screens of Nickelodeon. Think pink. Think sequins, shimmer, shine and six inch heels and you’d be on the right track.

Ferne with a fairy at the Winx event
I learnt quite a few things watching the Winx Club episodes, they were:

1. Fairies can still fly wearing 6-inch heels
2. It is very difficult to sit in a folding cinema seat wearing fairy wings
3. Girls of all ages sit with their mouths wide open when there’s a big screen full of all things fairy
4. With a bit of fairy power you can transform an oil rig into a eco-friendly sea-powered energy generator
5. The Winx never give up – (despite point 1)

I have to say the episodes went a bit up and over my head and straight out the door but looking around all the little girls were agog taking in Aisha, Bloom, Flora, Musa, Stella and Tecna as they took on the evil Trix witches. I did notice that some younger children got a bit scared at some points, however, Ferne remained firmly glued to her seat so my guess is it’s suitable for ages 5 upwards. Saying that the fairies are very fashion-focussed and skimpily dressed, have boyfriends and some quite grown-up conversations so I would expect that Winx would also be enjoyed by older girls and tweens.
Winx 11.5 - inch Deluxe Fashion Doll Believix Bloom on mummy rates it

The event continued with a Winx party in which the girls got ‘Winx’d Up’ with hair accessories, glittery tattoos and nail stickers. Some also took part in some Karaoke and dancing led by two very enthusiastic entertainers. Ferne was particularly keen to get her photo taken with one of the fairies (I noticed they’d opted for more sensible footwear) and to get hold of her goodie bag. What was in the bag that had got her so excited?.. Well, the new Winx Fashion Doll, £14.99. Ferne was given Aisha, who was in her ‘everyday outfit’. The doll was made of good quality, had moving parts and came with a beauty brush – she played with her all day long.

Winx fans who are writing out their Christmas lists can also get a Deluxe Fashion Doll (£19.99) which comes with a sparkly outfit and hinged wings; The Magic Wing Bloom Feature Doll (£29.99); Winx Club Frutti Music Bar Play Set and a Winx Club Rock Concert Stage, £39.99.

See the Winxclub site for more details.

Winx is shown on Nickelodeon, Sundays 7am


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  1. Sounds great fun, would have been lovely to meet you too. Had to turn round and go home because Lara was ill! :-(

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