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As much as we would love to us parents rarely get the opportunity for a leisurely browse through the weekend papers. However, I’m sure even the most time-pressed out there can squeeze in a quick 5 minutes to themselves (and if you can’t you seriously need to do something about it!) Grab a latte (bear in mind story number 1), take 5 and read on…

20070203 - Chocolate Festival - truffles! - 379204776_fc1d4c2e2d_o
Now that’s what I call a festival

1. Alcohol-Free Week 2012
Whether you drink every night or just occasionally the Alcohol-Free Week campaign, which starts on Wednesday 22nd February, encourages drinkers to give up for one night, one weekend or the whole week. The campaign hopes that by not drinking we can take a step back and become more aware of our drinking habits. The website has tons of useful information about drinking wisely, the affects of alcohol on your body and suggestions on alternatives to drinking alcohol. There is also a competition to win alcohol-free drinks.

2. Tales of a Southern Siren
Now I’m new to all this blogging lark and the blogging circles I am slowly beginning to move in all revolve around parenting. However, I’ve just stumbled across a mention of Kate Black’s (a pen name) blog which is an honest and revealing insight into the life of an escort girl. As you would imagine as well as detailing the taboo, amusing anecdotes and details of her client’s bizarre requests the blog contains material of an adult nature. One to read when the kid’s have gone to bed!

3. The Chocolate Festival
Yes, you read that right. A. Chocolate. Festival. You know how at Glastonbury you see all those kids rolling around in the mud – just imagine that but with chocolate…. In truth The Chocolate Festival sounds like a far less hippy but just as happy affair. Heading to Brighton, Oxford and London the festivals give chocoholics the chance to try out artisan delights and rub shoulders with Master Chocolatiers. The site has details of all festival dates, chocolate recipes and tasty competitions so make sure you check it out.

Mom at work
Flexible working has mass appeal

4. Flexible working is a winner
Employers: Forget wowing potential employees with financial stakes in the business, bonus schemes and pensions. It seems the way to attract talent is through offering flexible working hours. A new survey by Vodaphone found that a good work/life balance is nearly as important as the basic wage and that with a stagnant talent pool, with less workers likely to consider changing jobs, employers really are having to listen to workers.

Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director at Vodafone UK, commented: “Flexible working has gone from being a nice-to-have perk to now being at the heart of employees’ expectations.”
Let’s hope the not-so-flexibile employers take note of the survey’s findings, making it easier for parents be recognised for their talents and not penalised for their need to juggle their work and family life.

- Katy Perry -
Yes! Katy punches the air over her clear skin

5. Proactiv® Solution
It’s loved by the likes of Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber oh, and some other 15 million users and now Proactiv® Solution is here – well, in Boots actually. Developed by US dermatologists Katie Roden and Kathy Fields the skincare range tackles acne-prone skin, blemishes, soothes redness and proactively prevents future breakouts. Promising to achieve dramatic results such as clear and glowing skin in just weeks there is sure to be the same amount of queuing in Boots as there was when their No 7 Protect and Repair Serum launched a few years back.
The range is available from Boots stores nationwide (call 0845 124 4545 for your nearest store) and from

Last chance to win: 5 packs of Cappi pens up for grabs


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  1. Hi Michelle Loving your blog and thanks for the mention – mutual appreciation! Just about to subscribe…… Love Kate xx

  2. Thanks Kate – and look forward to reading more of yours too. Michelle x

  3. Hello! Your blog is fab! Those days working at xxxxxx magazine have paid off!! I really need to get involved in alcohol-free week, but I think I’ll be heading to the chocolate festival first, story of my life!

    Slummy to Yummy Mummy nudged me into visiting you, glad I did!

    • Hi – thanks for your very kind comments. Yes, I know what you mean about alcohol-free week versus the Choc festival – one seems so much more appealing!! Thanks for following me on Pinterest too. I only put something on there yesterday so am not in full pinning mode yet. You seemed to have tons of things on there – well done. I couldn’t even see where I comment on yours but will try again later. I’m off to nose around your blog now so expect a comment or two. THanks again and see you around. xx

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