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It’s nearly time to pack up our suitcases and head off on our jolly holidays. Whether you’re sunning it abroad or keeping your fingers, toes and everything else crossed for some nice weather so you can do it in the UK these 5 little stories will be of interest…


No more achy, achy calves…
Air Flight Gel on
If you get achy legs sitting on a plane, squashed in a coach or the back seat of the car then new Air Flight Gel sounds like just the ticket. The gel is specially formulated with essential oils to help aid circulation, prevent swollen legs and ankles and reduce aches and pains caused by sitting for long periods. Ingredients include: Lemon essential oil for its ability to thin the blood; Lavender to enhance and boost the lymphatic system; Cypress and Patchouli to boost and improve poor circulation; Juniper oil to reduce fluid retention and oedema (swelling) in the legs and ankles and Orange to help avoid blood clots forming. Apply a small amount on the palm of your hands and stroke it onto your legs in an upward movement. Not only will your legs benefit but those around you will enjoy the smell too!

Patch up and be bite free

As I sit here scratching my head (I got bitten to bits at the festival last weekend) I am making a mental note to pack some Don’t Bite Me patches for holidays. These handy patches are DEET free (so are safe for kids) and last an impressive 36 hours per patch. How do they work? Well, the patches deliver a Vitamin B1 based formula into the blood stream which circulates around the body and is released through the skin’s pores. Although we can’t really smell it bugs can and they hate it. In addition, the Don’t Bite Me! Patch delivers aloe vera into the bloodstream which acts as an anti-inflammatory should a pesky bug be able to tolerate the smell.

Great for travelling: Moshi Monsters: Moshlings APP

INDEPENDENT REVIEW: Obsessed is a strong word but that just about sums up Noah’s desire for all things Moshi. So the Moshi Monsters: Moshlings APP (for iPad and iPhone) was always going to be a winner in his book, but what about mine? 69p for an hour or two’s silence is in my book a pretty good price to pay. Firing up the iPad, Noah launched straight into the APP and decorated his fave moshlings Snookums and Fumble with funny-shaped mouths and digital stickers saying ‘cool’ and ‘I’ve got this one’. He also discovered secret codes (you need these to grow moshlings in the Moshi Monster garden apparently) and titbits of information about his moshling friends. I reckon this is going to be a lifesaver for keeping him entertained on the plane. A must for all your own Moshi-loving MONstars!

Pitch up in style
Citadel 5 Family Tent on

Are you camping in the UK this Summer? I wouldn’t blame you if you’re getting cold feet worrying about what the weather may have in store for you. If you still need to get a tent maybe have a look at the film clip of the Citadel 5 Family Tent? Makers Wild Country have so much faith in their tent being able to withstand just about anything that the weather can throw at it that they pitched one in October 2011 in the Peak District and it is still standing to this day. So far it has withstood winds of up to 65 mph, heavy snow, deep frosts and the deluge of rain and all without any necessary maintenance. Simple to pitch, the Citadel 5 has a large spacious interior, and works well as a strong family tent, suitable for use from spring through to autumn.

Don’t forget your pooch…
Homeward bound tag on

Whether you’re taking doggy on holiday with you or leaving it a kennel or a friends’ house make sure your contact details are updated just in case it decides to go off on its own little jaunt. According to Homewards Bound, up to 12,500 dogs go missing each year and although many are micro-chipped contacting the owner (when they are on holiday) proves very difficult. Homeward Bound pet identification tags eliminate the problem of outdated information by enabling pet owners to always keep their contact information current, with instant, free online updates. The tag’s QR code means they can be read by anyone with a smart-phone or PC.

*DISCLOSURE: I received a promotional code so that I could review the Moshi Monsters: Moshlings APP, however, the words and opinions are my own.


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  1. Great stuff as per usual. Where are you off to? Love the sound of the mozzy / insect repellent – and you and your bleedin’ camping!

    • Thanks again Anya! We are off to Turkey lurkey – sunshine – yaaay. Are you off anywhere? Yes, the patches sound great I really could have done with them last weekend at the festival. I am covered in little bites all over my forehead. Nice. You’ll appreciate these patches when you finally get round to camping. Can’t wait to read that post! x

  2. I tried one of those anti-swelling leg cooling gels and it was amazing. I particularly suffered last time I was pregnant and it was a massive help.

  3. The patches sound great if they work. I wonder if you can take a pill for Vitamin B1 instead and that would work the same??? Or maybe the patch on the skin is a more efficient way to get the B1 circulating in your blood and out of your skin. Anyway will try them if they are not too expensive.

    • I know people always used to swear by eating lots of Marmite for the same reasons (it is a good source). However, I’m in the ‘hate’ camp with that one!

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