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So, here I am again with my regular 5 minutes: 5 stories feature – a jumble of informative and fun (pubic topiary, anyone?) stories! Hope they’re of interest….

Food from Charlie Bighams on mummy rates it

1. Stuck in a recipe rut?

Do you have a few signature dishes that you always stick to? According to research by Charlie Bigham, the posh ready-meal producers, 50% of Brits admit to cooking the same thing over and over again. Those questioned blamed the tedious menus on lack of time, lack of confidence and a fussy partner! Favourite meals which we seem to recycle on a regular basis are spag bol, a warming curry and a quick and easy stir fry. Charlie Bigham said of the findings: “While the results reveal that Brits lack culinary creativity, at Charlie Bigham’s we understand that people don’t always have time or inspiration to be testing and trying out new recipes in the evening, especially after a long day at work. Each of our dishes are handmade using fresh ingredients and, with no need to rack your brains for new recipes, our meals take the hassle out of the evening meal so you can spend more time enjoying dinner with your partner.”

2. The APP every parent should have

I’ve just been told about this great APP that helps parents find a lost child. Find My Child is a subscriber service APP that allows you to raise the alarm within seconds. Within seconds alerts with a photograph and details of the child are sent to nearby subscribers and your family network – immediately expanding the number of people searching for your child. The police think it’s great idea a do the growing amount of users. There are also plans for large retailers and transport companies to use it. Visit the Find My Child site for full details of the service, including a trial.

3. Top of the Clas

For months I walked past Clas Ohlson not really knowing what it was or what it sold. I finally took the plunge and entered whilst looking for bathroom scales and discovered that it sells just about everything from electricals and DIY stuff to bike gear and, fortunately for me, scales! Not only is it a very handy shop to have on the High Street but they’ve just got really useful online too with a range of Clas Act tutorials on a number of subjects. How-to’s include: making LED balloon decorations, upcycling old furniture with decoupage and craft ideas for kids. Take a look.

4. Love is…

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s Day – wear it in your pants! The Ladyshape Personal Grooming Assistant, £12.99 is a stencil that you hold on top of your pubes, then shave around it to leave the perfect shape behind. Of course for Valentine’s Day you’ll want a heart ‘down there’ but for other time’s there’s a Brazillian and Triangle. Steady hands are called for!

Spilly Spoon on mummy rates it

5. Spilly old Mummy

How often have you tried to give a child medicine in the middle of the night only to end up wearing most of it? I know I’ve done it countless times and I’ve got a stained dressing gown to prove it. The Spilly Spoon promises to rid you of such spills and even to make medicine time fun for kids. The design allows those old enough to self-administer and if you still need to do it you can lay the spoon flat on a surface while you grab a fleeting child. Designed by a Mummy for Mums the site says it’s so easy that even Dads can use it. Enough said!


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