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From glamping in France and the car seat that lasts to dying your hair ‘Helen Mirren pink’ . Here’s this week’s 5 minutes: 5 stories. Enjoy!

Bonjour Glamping!
Glamping at Pagel on Mummy Rates It
You know I love to camp and to glamp so I was very excited to learn that Pagel holidays, based in Lot, South West France have just the thing for those who want to get back to nature but with the comforts of home. Their Moomba Lodge (right) looks idyllic and sounds it too! It comes with 3 bedrooms, bathroom, fully furnished kitchen, electricity and all the fresh air you could desire (when can I move in?) Not only will it suit all the family – from mini to massive – but the likelihood of sunshine is such that you can leave your muddy Hunters at home.

The car seat that grows

Buying all the paraphernalia that a baby requires is costly and a bit of a headache. No sooner have you bought something than they’ve outgrown it and need the next stage/bigger one. Nothing is more the case than with car seats so I was impressed (if not a bit peeved that they weren’t around when we bought ours) by the sound of the Joie Stages car seat that is suitable from 0 -7 years-old. It starts off as a rear-facing seat and you can then turn it around when they’re older. Even better news is the harness points and headrest can be adjusted with ease so there’s none of that fiddly business. How simple is that?!


Try Topshop’s Personal Shopping service
Topshop Tile Geo Jacquard Trousers, Topshop
Imagine my delight when shopping in Topshop Oxford Circus on Saturday (doing a 2 hour speed shop with a dear friend) when we got pulled over and asked if we’d like to try our clothes on in the Personal Shopping area. They were obviously having a quiet moment which worked to our advantage as there was no limit to how many itmes we could take in and try on and we got to do it all in a super big changing room. We snapped up the offer and had a lovely time (I bought these pants on the left). We were offered advice and the assistants were happy to traipse around the store looking for bits and pieces and even made us a drink. Whilst there I picked up a leaflet which lists all the various services – all of them free. Fo

London Children's Book Swap

r example, you can pre-select the clothes you’d like to try on and they’ll be waiting for you, try a Mother and Daughter day or the full Personal Shopping experience where the Topshop experts will transform your wardrobe. Go on, give it a try!

London Children’s Bookswap 2013

We are big fans of Stratford’s Discover Children’s Story Centre – a place where kids use stories (their own and others) to transport themselves off to imaginary places. This Saturday kids who visit can take along the books they’ve outgrown, out read or know by heart and swap them for someone else’s ‘must read’. Last year over 2000 children’s books were swapped at ven

ues across London in an action-packed day of free activities and events. For more details and for all venues taking part click here.


How to do ‘Helen’ pink


Did you see actress Helen Mirren at the BAFTAs? The usually blonde actress turned up sporting  pink hair. She told the Daily Mail: “I just thought it would be fun to dye my hair pink. I mean, honestly, I was watching America’s Next Top Model and the season where there were the British girls… the British girl who won, she had pink hair, and I thought: ‘That looks really pretty.’ So I’m copying her, basically.” I reckon Helen’s a great role model for women – she’s not afraid to try out new things and why should we be? If Helen’s new look has tickled you take a look at this YouTube clip where Preeti Isawaran dyes her hair candy floss pink.


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  1. Had forgotten about you and your bleedin’ camping! *groan* ;) )

    • Oh yes Anya. First sign of sun (albeit through cloud/hail) and I’m off. Camp/Glamp/Camp/Glamp… go on, you know you want to!

  2. Personal shoppers are amazing. I went to one of Harvey Nichols a long, long time ago with an ex-boyfriend’s (very rich) mother. It was a completely different world – made even better by her throwing a pair of Moschino jeans for me on to her very large pile of ‘to buy’ clothes.

    I am very tempted to give glamping a try. Camping, no. But glamping, I may manage.

    • Oooh that sounds like a very nice personal shopping experience – hope you got your money’s worth out the of the jeans.
      You should try glamping – if anything just because all the fresh air wears the kids out! x

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