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Where were you when Jessica Ennis won the Gold? Or when Usain Bolt flashed past our screens? This week I tell you about an amazing Olympics competition, let you in on the must-have coffee table fashion catalogue and stumble upon a gadget that not only looks good but promises to knock up amazingly yummy food too. It’s all here…

WIN: #IWASTHERE – well actually I wasn’t – but were you?

If there was a hashtag for being a bit bummed off at not being at the Olympics I’d be using it. When we were bidding for the Olympics I proudly stuck a ‘Back The Bid’ sticker in our front window. When we were announced as the host nation I blubbed and then argued (a lot) with my Australian flatmates, husband and anyone else who poo-pooed our chances of 2012 being a success. Sadly a few years later I had no luck in the ballot and just to show Seb Coe that I wasn’t bitter I jetted off with the family to Turkey. Needless to say, despite the sunshine, sea and cocktails, my thoughts have been back home. A ‘wow’ here, a cheer there and a quick look on updates have kept me going – that and a bet with the husband that Team GB would beat the pants off Australia. As you can imagine I’m feeling pretty darn smug and come Sunday he’ll be boarding a banana boat as a forfeit. But where, may I ask were you when we were reeling in all those pretty medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze? Share your stories with Westfield and you can win some fantastic prizes – Olympics merchandise and a nice slice of £25,000 in Visa Prepaid cards anyone? Furthermore, if you’re feeling a wee bit competitive join in the East Team vs West Team competition and you can win even more. Find out all about it here. #spon

Peppa Pig storms the charts

You don’t need to tell me how handy kids’ Apps are. We use them quite a lot these days with Moshi Monsters running in at numero uno. However, it’s not those little Monstro buddies who are topping the charts at the moment, nope, it’s a certain Piggy. Pig Peppa Pig Sports Day has stormed the UKiTunes store and hit Number 1 after just 7 days on sale. I wonder if Peppa actually gets to win at Sports Day or if the PC police have made her sport’s day as non-competitive as my kids’? Surely the biggest race will be who gets to the iPad or the phone the quickest – the kids or the parents?

Pass the Seasalt, please

Seasalt on 5 mins: 5 stories
I love fashion and I also love Cornwall – so when the two come together I can only get excited. That’s why I’m twitching at my PC to get stuck into Seasalt’s first catalogue for Autumn. The clothes are inspired by the unique coastline of the Lizard Peninsula and feature some stunning photography making it worthy of your coffee table. This catalogue also features their limited edition ‘Artists and Potters’ – a collection of exclusive textile prints which reflect the area. My fave? I’m loving the Scampi Smock Dress – cool enough for a balmy September but able to take a long-sleeve underneath that’ll see me through to November.

A great help for parents of eczema sufferers

After a new survey reveals almost half of parents (48% per cent) don’t feel they get enough help from their GP to manage their child’s eczema, E45 has teamed up with the National Eczema Society (NES) to launch a new 3 step treatment plan and online advice programme to help parents get to grips with eczema. I know first hand how horrid eczema can be. Noah had it when he was tiny and it went from sometimes being very minor to having to visit A&E as his legs were bleeding so badly he could hardly walk. Eventually we did get a referral and it was blasted with steroids which thankfully did the job. Now he is six and, as many a Dr tried to reassure us, he did grow out of it. However, that wasn’t before a lot of agony for him and uncertainty, researching and purchasing dud buys by us. I really hope this site helps sufferers and their parents.

I’m going to waffle on…

 Waffle Stick Maker

I have a sweet tooth so when I see pictures of cakes, chocolates and sweets I stop in my tracks. Can you blame me then when I hear news that the new Sweet Treats Waffle Stick Maker has launched that I start palpitating? As if the picture isn’t tempting enough (it’s also pink for goodness sake) the press release tells me that this marvellous machine can be used to make a fun breakfast or quick dessert, or even a tasty fondue. Not enough temptation for you? It continues – try chocolate flavoured waffle sticks, or how about buttermilk waffle sticks with a warm fudge dipping sauce. Or, if you prefer just drizzle plain waffle sticks with syrup or honey and serve with ice cream, the choice is yours! Enough. I can already taste them so I might as well be done with it and slab ten waffles on the tum and five on my bum! You too can enjoy a good waffle for £24.99 from Lakeland.


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