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iMum phone case from Getting Personal

In case you hadn’t noticed (the shops are bursting with cards and chocs) Sunday 10th March is Mother’s Day. If you want to give your well-deserving Mum something really special this year take a look at these 5 great Mother’s Day gift ideas…

Phones for Mum

I’m loving this gift idea from Getting Personal for Mums who love their iPhone. This iPhone cover fits the 3,4,5 and Touch version and includes her name so there’s no danger of getting hers mixed up with her iphone-loving friends . In place of the  Apple logo is a cute-looking heart shape that will remind her how special she is every time she sees it. £19.99




Let Mum tell her story…
Looking for a present that tells your Mum how unique she is? What better way to say it than by giving her the chance to capture her life and memories in a beautiful hardback book? autodotbiography is a unique online system that means that anyone, no matter how skilled or unskilled at writing, can create a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated hardback book of their life for their family. Bryher Scudamore, Chief Executive of autodotbiography said: “autodotbiography is an online system that makes it incredibly easy for your mother to tell her life story; her hopes her dreams, her triumphs and disasters. In fact her autodotbiography will become a precious gift for the whole family.” £250.

Mother's Day card from Not On The High

Say it with numbers
NotOnTheHighStreet is always one of the first places I go to for gift inspiration. They’ve got some lovely personalised pictures and cards for Mother’s Day. This particular card (right) calculates how long your Mum has been your Mum for. Maths was never my strong point so I’m very happy to let someone else do the calculations! £4.75

Top of the world

The sky’s the limit when it comes to telling Mum how great she is.  That’s why a trip up The Shard followed by a scrummy afternoon tea sounds like such a great idea. At £110  from Red Letter Days you can whizz your Mum up the tallest building in the EU looking out over a 40 mile span of the capital. Afterwards you can enjoy an afternoon tea (feet firmly on the ground) at the nearby Hilton Tower Bridge.

Unique jewellery for a unique Mum
No doubt Mum has spent a long time cleaning off finger prints from windows and cupboards but these are fingerprints she’ll want to keep. Little Pinkies make personalised jewellery in silver, gold or platinum decorated and engraved with a child’s finger, hand or foot prints. Not only are they pretty but they’re unique – just like your Mum. There’s a choice of key rings, pendants and bracelets.


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  1. I really struggle with Mother’s Day – mine is rubbish. It takes ages to find a card and this year, she’s not getting a present at all. Obviously, I’m training my boys to make a massive fuss of me so they can get me / make me thoughtful and beautiful stuff like this when they’re older! ;)

    • Focus on the positive – your potential presents in the years to come. Mention the words pampering, champers and personalisation often. I hope you still get to have a lovely day and if not showered in gifts then at least some burnt toast and spilt tea in bed. xx

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