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Well this week’s 5 minutes: 5 stories is a real mixed bag. From fresh balls and doodles to Kate Middleton’s coat dress. Pick up an iced-coffee, take a big slurp and have a butchers…

New balls please!

Fresh Balls Solution For Men on
I had to chuckle at this one and I hope it raises a smile for you (and your man) too. Released just in time for summer, Fresh Balls is a new cream that keeps balls sweat free. There I’ve said it. It contains Tea tree oil and oatmeal and prevents wetness, chafing and odour. Sounds like a veritable treat for all concerned. Fresh Balls cost £14.99 and I’m sure it’s worth every penny!

Doodle for the initiators (and the herd)

Are you the person that gets all your friends together for dinner? Are you the one that makes work meetings happen? Apparently only 1 in five of us is an ‘initiator’ according to online scheduling tool Doodle. What’s Doodle I hear you ask? No, it’s not a cross between a Dalmation and a Poodle but a nifty way of getting groups of people together without having to send countless emails backwards and forwards. You offer a selection of dates for a meeting/get together and others tick which ones they can make. Have I used it? Yes I have. Am I an ‘initiator’?  ’fraid so. Do the herd like it? Yup.

What makes us happy? New findings just in…

Do you fit the picture of the most satisfied person in Britain? If you are a woman, in your Fifties, in work, not in debt and live in Rutland or Bath it could be you (said in Ant and Dec stylee). According to a survey by the ONS, conducted on the request of the Prime Minister, the results provide a measure of human happiness, important in providing clues to what makes a successful society. Other factors showed that home owners are happier than renters and that good health and employment were also key factors. Whilst women are happier than men we are more anxious. Furthermore, we are at our happiest in our teens and twenties and again in our late fifties. I knew there had to be some more benefits to ageing!

Channel K Middy’s Opening Ceremony look

Lady Pearls Vintage - Beautiful vintage 50's black coat dress on Anything The Duchess of Cornwall wears causes a ripple in the fashion world. This time Kate, the Princess of demure tailoring, chose to wear a coat dress to the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Her Christopher Kane designer number would cost a small fortune but if you want to replicate her look on a budget think vintage. I found this beautiful 1950s vintage coat dress on Lady Pearls Vintage for a snip at £48. You’ll have plenty left in your budget to accessorize with shoes, a bag and even a tiara…

Don’t burn baby burn

Day 2 of our holidays and I’m ashamed to say that already the kids have red skin. Yes, we did put cream on and yes we did reapply and even got them to wear UV sunsuits and hats but still their delicate skin burned. I think our problem may be that we didn’t apply enough. If you’re not sure how much you should be dolloping on check out Ambre Solaire’s guide (presented by Lorraine Kelly). It tells us that we should be using 4 teaspoons of cream for pre-schoolers, 5 teaspoons for school-aged kids and 6 teaspoons for ourselves. As suggested, you can empty that amount into a container so you have some idea of how much that amount of cream looks like. I wonder how long it will be before measuring marks are actually put on the side of the bottles so we can see how much we are using?…

Lorraine & Garnier Ambre Solaire test Mums on


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