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This week: loo rolls, wishlists and the bean bags that all Tracy Beaker fans will adore…

Emma sequin dress, Reiss

Win your Wishlist

Fancy winning a gorgeous outfit from Reiss? I thought so. If you hop over to their site you can create a Wishlist which, as well as sending to them to enter in a comp, you can also forward to your secret Santas thereby making their lives really easy. There are some gorgeous pieces on the Reiss site, the type that make your tummy do a flutter. In particular I love the Emma, Sequined Embroidered black dress – the simplicity in cut, the nude base, the sequins…. it’s a real stunner, £265.

Bags of fun

How great are these Jacqueline Wilson inspired bean bags? (£49.99) A great Chrimbo pressie for your book-loving girls aged 7-12 years-old. The bags feature book covers from Wilson’s books and pictures of the top CBBC children’s series, Tracy Beaker. Mark Dolder, Managing Director of BeanBagBazaar says: “Encouraging children to read is a difficult task for any parent or teacher – a bean bag can help by getting children to sit comfortably and relaxed. And of course – they’re fun! Plus these Jacqueline Wilson designs will really get children to engage with the storyline and characters.”

Love locks on mummy rates it

Say it with padlocks

I know I’m a bit out of loop when it comes to getting ‘down with the kids’ but have you ever heard of Love Locks? The other day I was at Shoreditch High Street and saw a fence covered in padlocks. A quick google and I was told that love padlocks or liebesschloss are common all over the world where lovers clip them to fences, gates and bridges to symbolize their love. You can even buy properly engraved ones and give them to people as wedding gifts! What will they think of next…


Avoid the Christmas bulge

Have you spent months eating healthily so you’ll look a million dollars at Christmas only to get carried away with the festive buzz and let all your good habits fly out the window? Ahem. I’m afraid I’ve been rubbish the last couple of weeks. However, I’m now taking heed of TOTAL ‘s  nutritionist Martin MacDonald’s who has issued top tips to avoid seasonal weight gain.

Martin’s Top 5 Tips to Avoid the Bulge over Christmas

1. Read the labels: Just because a food markets itself as low in fat, it could be high in additives and preservatives! Watch out for occasions where foods contain hidden extras (just for the record – TOTAL is 100% natural!)
2. Reduce the treats without even knowing: If you’re going to eat mince pies, try having them without the pastry top, or make your own chocolate covered strawberries, rather than ploughing your way through a whole box of chocolates.
3. Make Simple Swaps that you won’t even notice!  Greek yoghurt for cream – it has 80% less calories; Stevia instead of sugar; roast sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes or parsnips.
4. Stay Active: A pre meal and post meal walk is always helpful for burning of excess calories!
5. Minimise your alcohol intake: In terms of minimising added extras, if you have to drink, a better option would be clear spirits with a non-calorific mixer: think gin and slim line (LOW SUGAR) tonic NOT vodka and cranberry juice.

Start saving the loo rolls!

This morning I whisked an empty loo roll out of the bathroom before the kids got their hands on it. I’m not super tidy (believe me) but rather I’m saving them to make my own Christmas crackers. I intend to get the kids to design the paper covers and choose some unique and individual gifts for each person. I’ll then tie their name to the cracker and it can double as a place card. You can buy the cracker snaps here, for a bargainiferous £1.99.


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  1. Bargainiferous! Love the Reiss dress and stuff. I wish I could wish! JW wasted on my two boys – phew – but fab idea, for sure and I lurve the padlock idea!

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