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Got five minutes to spare? Then you’ll love these five, quick stories. From a cake that can tell you that sex of your unborn child to why Dame Edna and Barry Humphries are avoiding cake like the plague PLUS the girls who use not so sweet methods to find a Sugardaddy and how one nutty blogger has just swam in freezing waters to raise money for Save The Children.

Cakes reveal sex of unborn babies
It had to come from America … Parents who want to reveal the sex of their unborn baby to family and friends are making or buying cakes which have a coloured sponge inside. With a gaggle of guests surrounding the cake the parents cut into it and reveal either a pink or a blue sponge. Ta da! Some parents even go so far as to ask the obstetrician not to tell them the sex but instead write it down and put it in a sealed envelope. The parents then pass this to the baker who makes the cake – creating a surprise for the parents too. Sounds a wee bit bonkers to me, but hang on… it’s another excuse to eat cake, oh what the heck!

Flowers & Fondant Cutting Cake
Picture thanks to Lasandri @

Sudocrem launch new kids’ skincare mousses
We’ve trusted them with our little one’s bottoms for a long time so it makes sense that Sudocrem have branched out into looking after the rest of their bodies. New kids on the block are the Moisturising Mousse and Suncream Mousse. The fact that they are mousses certainly went down well with my little tester, Ferne. She gets very dry skin on her arms, hands and face and so a few squirts of mousse on those areas after a bath was seen as being fun. The mousse sank in very quickly and she enjoyed helping me to rub it in. Being both fragrance-free and hypoallergenic meant that the mousse didn’t sting and she happily came back for more on further days. Her skin has improved since using the cream and we haven’t had to use it so regularly. Oh, and word on the street is that Mums have been using it for themselves – I heard one Mum saying she’d been ‘moussing herself up’ and her skin was feeling fab! Note to self. Regarding the suncream, I’m afraid we are yet to road test that as the weather has been so pants. Stay tuned and I’ll review that as soon as it stops raining!
Sudocrem Moisturing Mousse, £5.99 and Suncream Mousse, £10 are available from Boots

Sugarbabes turn to the web to catch a Sugardaddy
No sooner had The Sunday Times Rich List 2012 been announced than website Sugardaddy saw a 200% increase in hits. According to its founder, Simon Anderson, some ‘sugerbabes’ got their manicured mitts on the list at 7am and by lunchtime had already contacted 100 guys on the list to arrange dates. The website has its own dating portal so that women can contact the men directly and ‘safely’. Having a snoop on the site I found lots of ‘useful’ info on how to lure a Sugardaddy – have a nose and see how a ‘Sugarbabe’ operates.

Possums! Meet Dame Edna – new ambassador of Jenny Craig diets
First it was Mel B aka ‘Scary Spice’ who was the face and body of the Jenny Craig diet… now it’s the turn of another diva – Dame Edna! The queen of Aussie comedy and her creator Barry Humphries are to follow the diet in order to lose 33lbs each before going on her farewell tour. Comparing their influence over the general public to that of the Beckhams, Edna and Barry admitted they had: ‘let ourselves go a bit’. Suddenly dieting has got a whole lot more fun!
Dame Edna to follow the Jenny Craig diet - five minutes - five stories

Blogitforbabies makes a splash!

Many bloggers are currently involved in highlighting Save The Children’s ‘Build it for Babies‘ campaign but only one completely nutty blogger has put herself into Southampton’s freezing waters to raise money for the cause. If you want to see some very untitillating wet T-shirt footage (no offence to Mammasaurus as she’s gorge but it looks so cold and windy that you just want to jump through the screen and wrap her up in a big shaggy blanket) have a look and then maybe make a donation? If you don’t have any money to spare then how about making your shopping do the work by signing up to Give as You Live and choosing Save The Children as the beneficiary?


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  1. I love the way you pulled all those diferent topics together. Great post, Michelle. God bless the nutter eh?

    • Yes, good old nutters always make for an interesting read and make me realise perhaps I’m not so nuts (or alone!) xx

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