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This weekend grab 5 minutes to yourself, a lovely big cuppa and take a look at these 5 stories. From a money-saving web site to the ultimate luxurious treat for you and your Mum. Enjoy!

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1. Money saver:
Having a new baby in the house is hard work enough without the worry of knowing where you’re going to find the money to buy oodles of equipment and toys. is a toy rental site which allows parents, from £24.99 a year, to borrow toys and return them after 60-days (probably when the novelty wears off). Perhaps first-time parents may not fancy the idea but second-time round parents and grandparents certainly know how quickly kids get fed up of playing with the same things. All toys are steam-cleaned and wiped with an organic and hypoallergenic solution before being packaged up and sent out. At the moment toys are suitable for ages 0-4-years, although there are plans to include the 5+ age range. Watch this space!

Tasty treats: Sweetcorn Bites

Get your chompers around some Sweetcorn Bites

2. Fresh idea: Sweetcorn Bites
Goodness knows I’m always on the look out for kid-friendly food that is: tasty, healthy and easy to cook. Sweetcorn Bites from Barfoots of Botley are ticking all these boxes. The Bites are simply sweetcorn cobs chopped up into smaller bite-size pieces but are just the right size for smaller hands to grab. Conveniently you can microwave them in the bag in just 4 mins. I’ve served some up with a stir-fry (result: chomped down to the cob) and they make a nice change for packed-lunch (in the thermos flask). I also thought they’d make a delicious nibble for adults, smothered in garlic butter… Yum!
Sweetcorn Bites at Waitrose & Ocado, £2.49 (on offer at the moment 2 for £3)

3. Stressed-out: The School Run!
We’ve all been there. You’re running late for school, the kids are going slower than Brian the Snail and you’ve got 101 things to do. You get snappy, the kids don’t get any faster and you end up beeping another car and worse, belting out a few naughty words when the lights turn red. It’s no surprise then that a new survey by Micro Scooter has found that parents reckon the school run (both drop-off and pick-up) is the most stressful part of the day. So stressful is it that many high-powered workers say it is worse than business meetings and a Saturday morning in a cram-packed supermarket. No answers here but just to make you feel better – you’re not alone. We all lose it on the school run!

Cycling up Penglais
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4. Wise up: Children call for Cycle Helmet Law
A new survey by the Brain Injury Group in association with Activate Sport has found that kids aged between 11 and 16-years-old would welcome a new law enforcing children under 16 to wear helmets. At present boys are the worst culprits with 20% of them not wearing a helmet. The survey also found that only 56% of parents wear a cycle helmet and only 38% put on a helmet when on the ski slopes. “It still baffles me why so many youngsters resist wearing a helmet while cycling or skiing: they clearly don’t realise how a split-second impact could result in a life-changing brain injury that could render them incapacitated, disabled or worse,” says Lisa Turan of the Children Brain Injury Trust. Hopefully a new law will be put in place and that more parents lead by example.

5. Treat yourself: Mother and Daughter packages at Ragdale Hall
This Mother’s Day why not treat your Mum (and yourself, hee hee) to a day or even a two-night break at Ragdale Hall? The perfect Mother’s Day gift, The Mother and Daughter day (from £107pp) includes a Clarins Summer Hands Treatment including nail paint, Three course healthy buffet lunch; Choice of Beauty Flash Balm (50ml) or Eau Dynamisante fragrance (30ml); Clarins consultation and full use of the Hall’s services and facilities. For the ultimate luxury (surely the peace and quiet is worth the price) you could book a two-night package (from £298 pp) which includes the choice of either a 50 minute Pure Bliss Facial or a Relaxing Back and Face Therapy each, all meals and full use of all of the Hall’s services and facilities. Treat yourselves – you’re worth it! Visit for more information.
Mum and Daughter: pampering break at Ragdale Hall


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  1. I’ve been to Ragdale Hall and had a great time. Spa was blissful and food was delicious. Gets my vote!

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