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The start of the New Year seems an appropriate time to introduce a new page to my blog.

sailing on mummy rates it

After many years of talking about it we’re finally taking the plunge. In Spring 2013 we will be packing up our life in London and sailing away for a year or so on our Catamaran.

Mummy Rates It will continue pretty much as it does now (allowing for dodgy internet connection and that big blue wet thing) the only difference being that come Spring posts will be from the dining table on a boat rather than the one at home.

It is my intention to use this page to post about our preparations, our plans and, of course, the journey itself. When we’re actually on the trip I hope to give readers a taste of the places we visit: the people, the food, the lifestyle – the shops (this adventure will not stop me shopping!) I’ll also post about home-schooling the kids and general life on board.

I hope you’ll enjoy bobbing along with us as we sail around the Med, the Caribbean and beyond…

Watch this space..



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  1. I have dying to read this post since I caught a glimpse of it a while ago. Crikey. It sounds fabulous. Why not? I will read every morsel you send us XXX

    • Thanks Anya. Now 2013 is here it suddenly seems very real – I’m getting excited. I’ll be posting this week about the preps. We’ve just signed up to a rally to cross The Atlantic with other boats – including ones with kids (we’re not the only crazy ones!). Lots of love xx

  2. How fantastic! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! What an amazing experience!

    • Hi Jayne. Thanks – it is fantastic news and we’re very lucky and excited. Just need to clear the house out first!! Thanks for commenting. Michelle x

  3. Oh my goodness, i\’m so jealous of you!
    I\’m a keen (but fairly novice) sailor myself. My uncle has a lovely boat moored in Brixham marina. The longest sail i\’ve done was from Jersey to Guernsey and to Brixham. My dream is to sail around the world.
    Good luck to you!

    • Thank you. Yes, it’s been my husband’s dream for a long time and he finally managed to convince me. In fact he did such a good job that now that I’m not sure who is the more excited! He is quite experienced and we’re also taking someone else with us who also knows what they’re doing – I’m pretty useless – not even novice!
      I’ve been to Brixham – lovely spot. Good luck with following your dream. Michelle

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