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Uncategorized — 20 June 2014

Every week an inspirational woman from all different walks of life to share with mummyratesit readers what makes her tick… This week I have asked Michelle Hannell, blogger, mother and recent Open University graduate to answer the 10 questions.

Q1: Describe your typical day

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I wake up really late and usually have a really big panic that I’m not going to get the kids ready in time for school. There’s always a really mad panic and I end up running in and out of the house about three times to pick up forgotten football kit, recorders and pack lunches.

Q2: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and have you followed it?
Years ago a colleague told me not to make such quick decisions about people. What she was really getting at was we hadn’t initially clicked and there was a settling in process before we did. After that time we really hit it off. I try to remember that when I first meet people…

Q3: What do you think makes a successful woman?
These days successful women come in all different guises – they don’t just wear power suits. Show me a woman who is happy with her lot and to me that means success.

Q4. What 3 things really make you happy and why:

A good magazine – a passion for magazines has been passed down to me by my Grandmother and my Mum. I really look forward to reading magazines. I have to stop myself from buying them all the time.

Good company- there’s nothing like a good old natter and a chuckle. It’s hard to catch up with people when it needs to involve baby sitters and I don’t like being on the phone for hours so for me it has to be face to face contact.

Seeing my children laugh. It really does warm your cockles when you see your kids being happy. It’s like a big hug.

Q5: What 3 things really make you angry and why:
I get very upset when

Q6: How do you relax?

Q7: Which women do you admire?

Q8: If you were given a time machine where and when would you travel to and why?

Q9: If you had £10,000 to give to charity which one would you choose and why

Q10: If you could magically create an extra two hours in a day what would you use them for?

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