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This week’s 1 Woman is LatteMama’s Isra Al Kassi. Isra juggles running her gorgeous kids’ clothing site (a colourful and fun collection of Swedish designs) with being a mum to a 2-year-old son who often has her in stitches. Here Isra answers 10 questions and reveals how running her site from Sweden means late mornings, late nights and ignoring advice in between!..

Isra Al Kassi from LateMama, 1 Woman: 10 Questions on

Q1: Describe your typical day

Now that I’m back in Sweden things are a lot less hectic. Start of the day
with a 9 am wake up (Yes, I know I’m lucky). Then my son and I go out for
a long lovely walk and we stay out playing in the park for 2 hours. We
come back for some in door playing and lunch. Around 2 my mum takes care
of him and it’s work work work for me. I often stay up past midnight
working, and bed times are always late.

Q2: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and have you
followed it?

I never follow advice. It’s a very bad habit, I always ask for it, but
tend to ignore it. I’m very strong headed and when I listen to people’s
advice it’s often because they’re phrasing what I’m thinking better than I
ever could.

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Q3: What do you think makes a successful woman?

Drive. You need to be driven and actually want success. Success can be
defined in many ways, but pretty much only be reached in one way and it’s
motivation and determination. It’s not always about reaching the goal, but
rather about having one, and attempting to reach it.

Q4. What 3 things really make you happy and why:

My son, he is the best thing I’ve ever made and despite only being 2 years
old he is HILARIOUS. He brings out the best in me, and I catch myself
laughing at most of his moves and expressions.

When I was younger I was really interested in film and literature and
thought I’d one day work with it, but change of plans. A decent film, a
good book just a little bit of escapism makes me happy. I think it’s a
wonderful thing when my family sit down and watch a movie together on a
rainy day, or when I can get a babysitter and catch a movie in the cinema
with a friend.

Third thing that makes me happy is exercise. Nothing better than a good 40
min walk in he morning to set the tone for the rest of the day.

money by 401(K) 2012 on at
Q5: What 3 things really make you angry and why:

Ignorance. I grew up as an Iraqi Muslim girl in Sweden and until this day
I’m made to feel bad about myself and heritage due to peoples’ ignorance.
It genuinely hurts seeing what people do to each other, all because of
race, religion and politics.

Money makes me angry too, it’s true that I don’t care for it much but
bills have to be paid. I’ve been positions in my life where I’ve been
blessed to have money and in quite horrendous financial situations where
food was barely an option.

Q6: How do you relax?

I have serious problems with relaxing. I don’t think I ever do. A bath is
always good, but I tend to choose the 10 minute showers instead. I’ve
started with the walks in the morning with my son because I know it makes
me feel better during the day, and they are quite relaxing

Q7: What makes you laugh?

My son. My silly siblings, the love troubles of my friends and Craig

Q8: If you were given a time machine where and when would you travel to
and why?

I’d travel to when I set up LatteMama and make a lot fewer mistakes. I
spent too much money initially and that’s something I wouldn’t have done
again. Also, I hired the wrong intern who stole money from me. I would
have focused more on selling instead of buying and socializing.

Q9: If you had £10,000 to give to charity which one would you choose
and why?

I’ve given to Barnardos a lot in the past and it would probably be my
choice for the £10,000 as well. I think the work they do for children is
great. I love the focus they put on children, in all aspects and places in
life. Everything from the under 5 to older are being considered.
Everything from housing to toys is being covered.

Barnardo's collecting box
Picture thanks to Howard Lake @

Q10: If you could magically create an extra two hours in a day what would
you use them for?

Time with my son, I really struggle with doing things without stressing
or worrying about work. If I could create 2 hours knowing I’m not taking
them from precious work time I’d be the happiest mum around.

You can also find Isra on Facebook and on LatteMamaUK Twitter. Why not drop her a line and say hello and make sure to check out her lovely site.

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  1. I thought I left a comment the other day, but obviously didn’t. I always find it inspiring to read about successful, hard working women and am enjoying your series. It’s probably and unintentional theme. You can count me in for one if you like, but I might let down the side! ;)

    • I was hoping that the series would be inspirational to all of us. A bit of insight into how other women feel about things and a bit of sisterhood too. Yes, I’d love you to take part and you certainly would not be letting the side down. I know you’d have lots to share and won’t hold back. I’ll email you the questions. M xx

  2. I read ’9am wake up’ and had to pause for a few minutes and shake my head in disbelief. Lucky, lucky thing. And what a lovely lady.

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