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Meet Karen Morland, blogger, mummy, working-gal and general pearl of all-wisdom (everyday of the year, in fact). Check out Karen’s description of a ‘Successful Woman’ (it runs far deeper than money and business) and I think you’ll all agree that’s who we would love to be. Over to you oh oracle that is Karen…

Hello! My name is Karen Morland. I am 34 years-old, engaged to my partner of 4yrs and mum to a 22 month old girl. I work for Netmums and blog at 365 pearls of Wisdom. Most days you will find me chasing a toddler around with the vacuum in one hand and iPad in the other, planning one project and finishing another or just hanging out with my husband-to-be!

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Q1: Describe your typical day

Most days we are all up by 7am, the OH gets ready for work, we all eat breakfast together, he goes off to work, myself and the little one get ready for the day.

I work all over the place so depending what my schedule is for the day we try to get in some play time at some point, I do some house work, we meet friends for play dates, I cook, do laundry, we shop, eat cake, have fun and in the middle of it all somewhere I work. The LO might go to childcare depending on the day and in the evening the OH and I may work some more or go out for dinner/date night and just hang out and watch a movie etc.

Q2: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and have you followed it?

Nothing and no one really stands out. I have learnt along the way that to get anything you really want in life it requires focus and commitment and that taking a risk is always good. My OH is always saying never to eat yellow snow!

Q3: What do you think makes a successful woman?

Knowing her self worth, striving for the best, accepting life’s difficulties, belief in her choices, humble in her mistakes, embracing change, accepting a challenge, enjoying some me time and indulging in her passions. This would be my recipe for success!

Q4. What 3 things really make you happy and why?

Being a mum – my daughter makes me so unbelievably happy and proud (of her and myself).
Travelling – I am always at my best when I’m moving around and going somewhere – should have been a travel writer!
Being true to myself – I am my happiest when I am living my life in a way that compliments who I really am, I don’t get to do this all the time but I try everyday to do something that’s a step in the right direction!

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Q5: What 3 things really make you angry and why?

Ignorance towards other people and their feelings. A lot of hurt and suffering would cease in the world if people could be willing to empathise and understand their fellow man.
Bullies – I have no time for them. Bullies are cowards who would benefit from spending time on their own issues instead of projecting them on to others. Everyone deserves the freedom to live their life in acceptance free from prejudice, hate and control.
Stupid, dangerous drivers who have no thought or consideration for others on the road, who drive too close to my car and put mine and my family’s lives at risk.

Bath time
Time to relax: picture by spaceamoeba @

Q6: How do you relax?

Wine, chocolate, good book or movie and in bed with my family snuggled around me! If I’m on my own a bit or retail therapy or a long hot bath works!

Q7: What makes you laugh?

My family make me laugh. My OH can have a dry sense of humour when he’s not being childish and my LO is so full of mischief and character! My brother knows how to push my laughter buttons too – he is so silly! I like to watch funny movies too, especially when I have had a rough day!

Q8: If you were given a time machine where and when would you travel to and why?

Back to Hollywood in the 1940′s. I would love to soak up and be part of all that glamour. I loved how women still wore gloves and hats everyday and made a real effort with their style.

Q9: If you had £10,000 to give to charity which one would you choose and why?
Gosh this is a hard one. I am passionate about quite a few things! I would have to say that I would be naughty and split it and give some to Bliss, as the information and support they have provided for my family in the last year has been a beacon of light and helped us to make my nephew’s life something to celebrate rather than mourn.
I would give some to Women’s Aid. Domestic abuse services have been cut so much in the last couple of years and I have spent a lot time working with women and children who desperately need someone or something to help and support them to find the courage to live a life free from abuse.

Q10: If you could magically create an extra two hours in a day what would you use them for?

I think like most parents out there I would use this time to sleep. The deprivation of quality of quantity of sleep time is by far the hardest part of having children!

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